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Six steps to growing orchids

In honor of one of my orchids reblooming, I decided to do this post.


Here are six steps to growing orchids


  1. Keep your orchid in indirect sunlight


Orchids can die if they get too much, or too little sunlight so don’t put them too close to the window, or too far away.

2 trim your orchid

trim away roots that are dead or unhealthy.

3 your orchid should be placed somewhere where the room temperature is not extreme.

Between 65, and 75°F is the best temperature range for orchids. They cannot handle drastic temperature changes.

  1. Water orchids every week

For best results, water every week, or every two weeks depending on how dry it is in your home.

  1. Keep orchids indoors

It is best to keep orchids indoors during the summer months.

  1. Repot your orchid

It’s time to repot your orchid when the roots start to turn brown, or the leaves start to wilt.

As you can see, this is very basic. If you are looking for a lot of detail, you need to look someplace else. If you’re looking for some basic tips, I hope this helps a little bit.