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Ginseng bonsai tree in a marble pot from Home Depot


Last Thursday afternoon, I went to Home Depot, and saw a ginseng bonsai tree for only forty dollars in a pot made of marble. It is very beautiful, but when you buy a bonsai tree from Home Depot, the bonsai tree, and the gravel is always glued in place. I was told that this is very bad for the bonsai tree as eventually the glue will kill the bonsai tree. For this reason, one should always repot any bonsai tree that you get at Home Depot with fresh soil, and break out all the gravel, and rocks that has been glued in place.

However, the problem is that the gravel has been so well glued in place that they can only be removed with a hammer and chisel and I’m worried that that might break the pot. For this reason, I’m going to leave everything in place for the moment and just see how things go. If I noticed that the bonsai tree is starting to die, I will take action then. I really wish that these companies did not do this, but I guess that’s the reason why these bonsai trees only cost forty dollars. It’s probably a lot cheaper to glue the plants in the place rather than wiring them from the bottom as they are supposed to be. The other really irritating thing is that the pot does not have holes in it so there’s nowhere for the water to drain. This is very bad because the roots should never sit for long periods in water. If I decide to repot the tree, I will definitely have holes drilled in the pot. Until that time, I will just have to be very careful, and not water the bonsai tree too much.