My Amaryllis plants rebloomed

I know you have been wondering where I have been. It always takes me longer these posts than I imagine. These flowers actually bloomed in May, and this is my first opportunity to write about them. I know. I’m bad for taking so long, but as they say, better late than never. Below are the latest photographs of my Amaryllis flowers. I hope you enjoy them.


How to get your Amaryllis to rebloom.


  1. Remove each flower after it dies. Once a flower has died, cut the flower where it meets the main stalk with a clean knife or scissors. Make sure to remove the green lump and thin green stem attaching the flower to the stalk. This stops the plant from making seeds, which requires a lot of energy that could be going into survival and growth instead.

2. Cut the flower stalks once they are yellow or sag. The main stalks contain food and water the plant can use, but they will likely begin to droop or turn yellow shortly after the flowers fade] They are no longer useful at this point, and should be cut back to within 2 inches (5 cm) of the bulb.

  1. Put them in a sunny spot, and just keep watering them making sure that they never dry out completely. A lot of people suggest that you put them out during the summertime in the ground, but I have no place to put them outside, so they just stay in my apartment all year round
  2. At the end of the fall, take the bold side of their pots, and store them in the cool dry place for the winter. I find that storage, and repotting process is key in order to get reblooming to occur.
Michael Landau