Mass Cane or Corn Plant


Mass Cane also known as the corn plant is very popular for its low maintenance beauty. It is an easy to grow houseplant that requires very little maintenance, and can even tolerate some neglect. It is an excellent choice for beginners. It has stalky stems and long, green leaves with light-yellow/light-green stripes running through them. It is one of several popular varieties of Dracaena, including Dracaena lisa, Dracaena marginata, and Dracaena compacta. The plant is originally from Africa.

The corn plant grows from 4 to 6 feet tall. The ideal temperature is between 60 and 75°F indirect bright is best; no direct sunlight. It can tolerate low light.   Watering once a week should be enough. Let the soil be a little damp or slightly dry.

Chlorine in the tap water can make the leaf tips turn brown. If you use tap water, it is best to let the water sit out overnight to allow the chemicals in the water to evaporate before watering. I purchased three plants pictured above at Lowe’s garden shop. I have discovered that there is a on sale section at Lowe’s where you can purchase plants at very reasonable prices. I only paid a few dollars for these three plants. Here they are shown repotted.

Michael Landau